Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the journey approximately?

The journey usually takes 1 hour, although sometimes it can be somewhat longer due to the state of the sea.

Is the boat adapted for people with disabilities?

Yes, access to the boat is via a ramp and there are spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

Can you bring food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring a backpack and a coolbag with food and drink. On the Island of Tabarca there are specified picnic areas.

Can you see dolphins along the way?

Yes, during the journey from Torrevieja to Tabarca it is possible that you will see dolphins swimming and even jumping alongside the boat.

can I take my pet? (Can I take my dog? )

Yes, you can take your pet on board the boat on the journey to Tabarca. The pet must wear the necessary security measures (collar and lead).

Is prior reservation necessary?

Due to the size of the boat it is not necessary to reserve tickets in advance, however in order to check-in more quickly it is highly recommended to buy your tickets online beforehand.

How long before the trip should I arrive?

It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure to check-in.

Is the Price for a return ticket?

Yes, the ticket price includes the boat trip to Tabarca and the return journey to Torrevieja.

How can I travel to Tabarca?

The boat that makes this journey sets sail from the Port of Torrevieja (in front of the Casino) and also has an underwater viewing area to observe the seabed and sea life.

What can I do in Tabarca?

The island has a wide variety of beach bars that offer traditional seafood (fish and seafood stew with rice (caldero), seafood paellas, seafood, etc.), and it also has a museum worth visiting.

Finally we recommend that visitors take a look at the beautiful porticos and emblematic buildings of Tabarca such as the Governor’s House, the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo, etc.

What is the Isla de Tabarca like?

Firstly, Tabarca enjoys a temperate climate, with an annual average of 17ºC, also it stands out for its transparent waters.
As a result, Tabarca’s natural conditions make it ideal for taking part in water sports.
It also has a sandy beach located on the south of the island, in addition to a large number of coves and cliffs that line the island.

Where is Tabarca located?

The island of Tabarca is located about twenty kilometres from the city of Alicante, and near the Coast of Santa Pola.
With a length of about 1,800 metres and a width of approximately 400 metres, it is the largest island in the Valencian Community and furthermore it is the only inhabited island.

Where can I park the car?

Due to the works that are being carried out in the port of Torrevieja, it is not possible to access the usual parking next to the ship.
We recommend you park in one of the 6 car parks near the port.